Update To Reward And Fee Cuts

Livepeer Transcoding Orchestrator

Update To Reward And Fee Cuts

It has been a big week for Chase Media node! We have been delegated a lot more stake – Thank you to delegators and the community for your support. With the increase in stake, we have seen an increase in transcoding work performed by the node, in turn, have won more tickets and improved ETH earnings for all invested with Chase Media.

We intend to remain competitive with slight adjustments to our rates. With the uptick in work transcoded this will not mean a significant change to earnings for those involved. 

Adjustment to fee and reward cuts:

Reward cut 5% = Delegators keep 95% of their daily LPT reward calls

Fee cut 75% = Delegators keep 25% of all earned ETH relative to stake

If you have any questions about this update you can reach us here: hello@chasemedia.io

Thank you for your continued support.

Chase Media Team

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