Livepeer Innovators DAO Launches Retro-Active Funding Program

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Livepeer Innovators DAO Launches Retro-Active Funding Program

 The Livepeer Innovators DAO, is thrilled to announce its Retro-Active Funding Program. This initiative is set to propel Livepeer to the forefront of the global decentralized transcoding industry by empowering video builders and developers who have built on Livepeer.

What is the Livepeer Innovators DAO Retro-Active Funding Program?

The Retro-Active Funding Program is a visionary step towards funding developers and giving ownership via the LPT token. 

Whether you’ve built open-source tools, systems, or applications that benefit Livepeer, your contributions will now be duly acknowledged and rewarded.

Who is Eligible?

The program is open to anyone who has previously developed products, tools, infrastructure or systems that have made a positive impact on Livepeer’s ecosystem. Projects can be:

– Open source or closed source

– On any chain or no chain

– For public use or private use

If your project enhances the Livepeer experience, or attracts customers to Livepeer, the Livepeer Innovators DAO wants to recognise your work. This inclusive approach ensures that a wide range of developers and builders have the opportunity to be part of Livepeer’s growth.

How to Apply

Visit to access the application portal. From there, you’ll find all the necessary information and resources to submit your project for consideration.

Successful applicants will receive LPT rewards as a token of appreciation, reflecting the immense value they have brought to Livepeer’s ecosystem.

Join us in accelerating Livepeer’s journey to become a global transcoding service that reshapes the digital video landscape. We’re excited to reward those who have helped us get to where we are today and invite new innovators to join us on this exciting adventure.

For more information, visit

Main website contact – Discord: @authority_null 

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