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Hello Livepeer delegators and Livepeer community,

There is a lot going on at Livepeer lately – very exciting! We are about to launch the Livepeer Innovators Dao, a few steps have been completed so far – the most relevant for Chase Media – we won the logo competition for the DAO, as pictured above.

Thank you so much to those who voted for Chase Media! Very proud to be a part of this most important DAO and the Livepeer movement: a higher performance, richer and more adopted decentralized video infrastructure protocol.

Chase Media just passed a momentous 50,000 LPT staked to the node :tada:
This is huge – we would like to say a big thank you to delegators. In turn, we intend to keep the reward cut and fees competitive to ensure continued excellent returns for investors!

Thank you for your support

Chase Media Team

Check out this thread for information about Livepeer Delta Phase:

Livepeer Delta Phase forum thread

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