Livepeer Transcoding Orchestrator

At Chase Media Transcoding we run a North American based, high performance node

Dedicated to provide rapid uptime transcoding services

to the worldwide connected network of Livepeer

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We offer competitive returns on your staked LPT. Earn 95% reward on daily LPT calls plus 25% on transcoding revenue, relative to your stake.

RTX 2080 Super
GTX 1070 Superclock
GTX 1660 Super

Internet: Gigabit 

Supporting the evolution of blockchain technologies through educational content and video, inspired by video mining itself.

Thank you for joining and being part of the evolution of blockchain technologies. 


Chase Media Updates

Updates and exciting events coming soon

Great Way To Bring in the New Year!

The 2022 Orchestrator Award Ceremony yesterday was a great event, check out the NFT artwork awards here: Well done to all the orchestrators for an outstanding year of hard[…]

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LPT Update

A big thank you to our delegators at Chase Media. We have over 22,470 LPT in stake now! We remain very competitive with our fee cuts – to give back[…]

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Update To Reward And Fee Cuts

It has been a big week for Chase Media node! We have been delegated a lot more stake – Thank you to delegators and the community for your support. With[…]

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Node Update

Hello Delegators and Livepeer community! It has been a very successful and rather exciting week for the Chase Media Node.Two major events: LPT stake is now over 10,000LPT!We earned 6[…]

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