Month: September 2022

Livepeer Transcoding Orchestrator

Update To Reward And Fee Cuts

It has been a big week for Chase Media node! We have been delegated a lot more stake – Thank you to delegators and the community for your support. With the increase in stake, we have seen an increase in transcoding work performed by the node, in turn, have won more tickets and improved ETH…
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Node Update

Hello Delegators and Livepeer community! It has been a very successful and rather exciting week for the Chase Media Node.Two major events: LPT stake is now over 10,000LPT! We earned 6 winning transcoding tickets in the last week  This is very exciting. For the longest time, winning tickets felt like a fallacy rather than prophecy.…
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LPT Update

A big thank you to our delegators at Chase Media. We have over 10,000 LPT in stake now! We remain very competitive with our fee cuts – to give back to investors for staying with us. With the extra stake we are getting more transcoding work directed toward the node which mean more productive work…
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