Livepeer Transcoding Orchestrator

LPT Stake

A big thank you to our delegators at Chase Media. We have over 3400 LPT in stake now! By having more stake we gain more opportunity to transcode video for the network, which returns higher fees to the node and its delegators. By adding powerful computing power and fast bandwidth, we contribute to our growing…
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LIVEPEER — 29% Passive Income

Livepeer is a leading technology in cryptocurrency. Earn rewards on your investment. Your LPT tokens currently earn you 29% returns with Chase Media! Learn how in this short video – Thank you for watching, we would love to hear what you think in the comments section. Support us by delegating to Chase Media. Thank…
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Livepeer Layer 2 Goals

Layer 2 is being implemented TODAY on the Livepeer network. This is a huge network upgrade that we are very excited about. We created a video on the article Doug Petkanics – Co Founder at Livepeer – wrote, check it out here. As part of this upgrade Chase Media is changing the fees and rewards…
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Welcome to Chase Media Livepeer Transcoding Node Here at Chase Media you can dedicate your LPT tokens and earn daily LPT rewards. Transcoding work performed by Chase Media Node can also award you ETH rewards to add to your portfolio. Get started today — Stake your tokens here and see the amazing results of daily passive income!…
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